Sunbury’s commercial property management specialists

At Sunbury Property Management, we understand that your commercial property is an important asset. That’s why we aim to maximise the rental return of your property by leasing to the best tenant, for the maximum market rent.  We’ll also provide ongoing commercial property management care and service, from repairs and maintenance to building inspections and rental income management.

Let us deal with your commercial property management

Our experienced team can provide advice on market trends, supply and demand, rental levels and competing developments. We can also provide advice on any potential issues that might arise, including contractual and legal obligations.

Taking a personalised approach, we’ll ensure that you find the right solution for your needs. Whether you need a high paying tenant or a long-term lease, we’ll work with you to achieve your desired outcome. We’re equipped to manage a range of commercial properties, including:
  • Offices
  • Retail shops from boutiques to chain stores.
  • Industrial spaces, manufacturing properties and factories.

 Contact us for professional commercial property management

We take a pro-active approach to property management, ensuring that you, your tenants and property are taken care of with the utmost attention to detail. If you would like to know more about how we can manage your commercial lease in Sunbury, Bulla, Diggers Rest, Riddells Creek, Clarkefield or Gisborne, please just contact us.