Sunbury’s residential property management specialists

Our experienced property management experts provide a wide range of services, right from tenant screening to property inspections and rental income management.  Ultimately, we see it as our role to look after your property, and provide you with peace of mind.

Finding the best tenant for your property

At Sunbury Property Management, our aim is to find the best possible tenant for your investment property.  Marketing your property for tenancy via signboard, window display, newspaper advertisement or Internet advertising, we’ll ensure you receive maximum exposure to potential tenants.

A detailed screening process is applied to all prospective tenants, and references are carefully checked.  It is our policy to ensure that all tenants:

Have a good rental or sales history to support their application.
Can confirm that they have regular, stable employment.
Can provide proof that they’re financially capable of paying the required rent.
Can ensure that they will maintain your property to the standard required.

We also carry out a free tenancy check on the TICA database (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia) to see if the tenant has defaulted in the past and been placed on the database to warn potential landlords.  This process can help us to eliminate potentially problematic tenants.

Throughout our screening process, we’ll obtain as much information on potential tenants that we can, verifying all information and references. Ultimately, we will advise you of our findings and give you the final decision of who moves into your property.

Contact us for residential property management services

We provide comprehensive property management services to homes throughout Sunbury, Bulla, Diggers Rest, Riddells Creek, Clarkefield and Gisborne. To find out more, please contact us to speak to our friendly team.